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Some people think that baseball is boring. I believe that these people are multitaskers. They need to read a newspaper while eating breakfast, knit while watching television, and walk while chewing gum. Baseball simply does not provide enough constant stimulus to keep their attention. Although scoring the game is a great solution to this problem, another great solution, and the one endorsed by this site, is to play baseball bingo while watching the game.

This site offers two flavors of baseball bingo: classic baseball bingo and the newer basepath bingo. Classic baseball bingo looks and plays very similar to regular bingo, the only difference is that instead of calling numbers to mark off squares, you use the events of a baseball game. Basepath bingo is a variant of bingo developed for this site and specifically designed to be played at a baseball game.

To support the printable cards, this site contains pages with explanations of what the scoring symbols mean, clarifications of which events should trigger those symbols, and real-time game listings of which events have occurred in MLB games.

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