What does this notation mean?

If you are unfamiliar with baseball scoring, you can learn traditional scoring from the Wikipedia article or learn Project Scoresheet from Alex Reisner's great site. The table below shows all plays used by this bingo generator, sorted in descending order of likelihood.

Project Scoresheet Traditional Full description
Ks Ks Strikeout (swinging)
W BB Walk
8 F8 Flyout to center
9 F9 Flyout to right
63 6-3 Groundout SS to 1B
43 4-3 Groundout 2B to 1B
S8 1B (Center) Single (center)
D 2B Double
7 F7 Flyout to left
Kc Kc Strikeout (called)
S7 1B (Left) Single (left)
S9 1B (Right) Single (right)
53 5-3 Groundout 3B to 1B
3 3-U Unassisted 1B
HR HR Home run
DP DP Double play
S (IF) 1B (Infield) Single (infield)
13 1-3 Groundout pitcher to 1B
4 4-U Unassisted 2B
6 6-U Unassisted SS
SB SB Stolen base
E E Error
5 5-U Unassisted 3B
31 3-1 Groundout 1B to pitcher
WP/PB WP/PB Wild pitch OR Passed ball
SF SF Sacrifice fly
HP HBP Hit by pitch
SH SH Sacrifice bunt
CS/PO CS/PO Caught stealing OR Pickoff
IW IBB Intentional walk
T 3B Triple
2 2-U Unassisted Catcher
1 1-U Unassisted Pitcher